Bronwyn Wrobel

Welcome to Wize Therapy. I'm Bronwyn, a devoted guide on your journey. I provide Online Therapy & Counseling services. I specialize in phone and video chat therapy with individuals and couples. My approach to healing & progress brings you into direct contact with your deepest, inner wizdom. By examining the many ways you create meaning and purpose in your life, especially through difficult times, you develop self-awareness. Awareness creates the opportunity to make the changes that increase a sense of peace, productivity and personal power. Based on your strengths and passions, together we craft a plan toward improvement. When you are reconnected to your core values and feel confident moving forward toward a future that excites you, our work is complete! Call for your free consultation today. CA #83314 OR T1449 WA LH 60822228 ♥ 510-301-7655