Life demands attention that causes couples to drift away from one another. This can happen when kids are born, after a move or getting a new job, a significant loss, or any change to the life circumstances of a couple. When attention is focused on things other than the partnership, the opportunity for disconnection and distance increases. Sometimes couples drift away from one another at an imperceptible rate and before long, they can't quite connect the way they used to. It's important to reach out for help as soon as you realize this is happening in your relationship. What seems like an unbridgeable gap is not unbridgeable. It will take time and effort to find each other again and probably a lot less than you suspect. I specialize in helping couples make the transition to parenthood as a unified team as this is an especially difficult time to stay connected. I also enjoy supporting new couples in establishing a strong foundation for their relationship upfront in order to better field life's curve balls later on! Email or call today with questions 510‑301‑7655