As a Certified Spiritual Exploration Specialist, I am enthusiastic about supporting you in your spiritual development. I utilize techniques such as Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Sacred Journey and Spirit Guide Communication, all designed to align you with your deepest and highest Self. When you feel joy, excitement, passion, ease and peace, you are aligned with who you really are. As you become familiar with the thoughts and actions that bring you into alignment, you gain control over how you feel, at any given time, in any circumstance, in any persons presence. When you understand that your emotions are your guiding system for your soul's journey through this life, you begin using them to navigate your way to the destination you desire.

"Always we hope - Someone else has the answer... At the center of your being - You have the answer, You know who you are - And you know what you want. There is no need - To run outside - For better seeing. Nor to peer from a window. Rather Abide at the center of your being; For the more you leave it, the less you learn. Search your heart - And see - The way to do - Is to be. ~Lao Tzu"

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