Bronwyn Wrobel

Welcome! Wize Therapy is a Transpersonal Psychotherapy practice offering mental, physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual guidance. Transpersonal psychology emphasizes the importance of a healthy spirit in healing and wholeness.

Bronwyn utilizes her empathic skills and intensive training to integrate spiritual experiences with modern psychology. Bronwyn's unique approach to healing focuses on how we achieve meaning, purpose & satisfaction through personal empowerment & expansion.

Transpersonal psychotherapy is shown to improve anxiety, depression, relationships & the lasting effects of trauma. This style of therapy guides you in transcending your current view of yourself & opening your mind to new ways of approaching challenges in your life. Some of the methods utilized include meditation, guided visualization, hypnotherapy, dream work, expressive arts, journaling, movement & breathwork.

With Bronwyn's guidance, you will discover, build & expand your inner strengths & resources to create a more balanced & healthier state of being. You will develop the self love and self acceptance that you crave and deserve in order to achieve a deep sense of inner peace. Call for a free consultation today! CA #83314, OR T1449, WA LH 60822228 ♥ 510-301-7655